Tanzania Mara | 200 гр.

Tanzania Mara | 200 гр.

20.50 лв.

ПРОИЗХОД: Танзания

РЕГИОН: Southern Tanzania

ФЕРМА: Several small holders

СОРТ: Bourbon, Kent, Typica among others

ВИСОЧИНА: 1500-1800 м.

ПРОЦЕС: Washed

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This is a blend of coffees from smallholder farmers in Southern Tanzania. Each farmer tends between 1 and 2 hectares of land on average. In addition to growing coffee, farmers typically intercrop with corn, beans, groundnuts, sunflowers and ginger. They also grow a flower called the Pyrethrum Daisy, which is often cultivated for its insecticidal qualities.

Coffee in Tanzania is graded according to size. AB beans are those that are between 15 and 18 meaning that beans are between 6 and 7 millimeters in size.

In Tanzania, an estimated 450,000 smallholders are reliant on coffee (known locally as kahawa) for their livelihoods. This, in turn, supports around 4.5 million family members and labourers (11% of the country’s entire population).

These small plots of 5 hectares of less produce almost 90% of the country’s entire production, the remainder is grown by co- operatives and on larger well-organised estates.

Wild coffee species are still being discovered in Tanzania – most recently Coffea kihansiensis in the Udzungwa Mountains. Both Arabica (harvested July-December and wet processed) and Robusta (harvested April-November and processed using the natural method) are cultivated and the main growing areas are Mara, Kilimanjaro, Ruvuma, Mbeya, Kigoma, Arusha, Manyara, Bukoba and Kagera (where both Robusta and Arabica are grown) – though some regions are shrinking due to climate change and urban sprawl.

Cup Note: dried fruits, spices, nutty, floral, milk choco