Kenya Capella | 200 гр.

Kenya Capella | 200 гр.

38.80 лв.


РЕГИОН:Machakos, Kyanzavi

ФЕРМА:Oldonoyo Sabuk Estate

СОРТ:Riuri11 and SL28

ВИСОЧИНА: 1500-1700 м.

ПРОЦЕС: Natural sleeping bag

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CAPELLA is the Star that gives its name to all the coffee lots produced by George Muia in his Oldonoyo Sabuk Estate located in the coffee growing region of Machakos.
The lots are differentiated by their different characteristics in terms of flavor, aroma and processes. Each coffee grower receives the name of a star to denominate his lots, thus forming a great coffee universe.

George Muia

Oldonoyo Sabuk Estate

George Muia has been involved in coffee growing since he was a child,
his parents, who were coffee growers, instilled in him by his
George helped with related farm chores. From that moment on, he began to
passion for the world of coffee
and it was in the year 2016 when
he inherited the Oldonyo farm
and became a coffee producer, taking over the management of the farm,
constantly innovating and implementing improvements.



The coffee-growing region of Machakos is home to 1.4 million inhabitants and covers an area of 5,952.9 km², more than 41,900 families are engaged in coffee cultivation. In the Machakos region some 10,139 hectares of arabica coffee of the SL 34 and SL 28 varietals are cultivated, occupying the 9th position as the country’s coffee growing region with a production of 7.48% of the country’s total production.