Kenya Al Minliar | 200 гр.

Kenya Al Minliar | 200 гр.

29.20 лв.



ФЕРМА: Al Minliar

СОРТ: SL28, R11, Batian

ВИСОЧИНА: 1,700 м.

ПРОЦЕС: Traditional Washed

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A coffee from Paul Karani

AL MINLIAR is the Star that gives its name to all the coffee lots in the Kiambu coffee growing region. The lots are differentiated by their different characteristics in terms of taste, aroma and processing, and each farmer is given the name of a star to name his lots, thus forming a great coffee universe.

Producer history

Paul Karani is the name of the Producer of the Al Minlar lots, although he is better known as Reci pronounced ‘ Leci’, his African name and the name of his Farm. Producer of Coffee since 2006, is the second generation of coffee growers in his family, inherited the Reci estate when his father Steven Ngumi Tuguna died. Paul runs the farm with his wife, she is the supervisor to make sure everything goes well and they also have a team of 3 people all year round and for the harvest they hire more than 20 pickers. The Farm has about 2,750 coffee trees that produce the Variety SL28, R11 and Batian , although this one is separate from the others. For Paul the best stage in the production of his coffees is to pick the cherries at their optimum point of ripeness and harvest, the most negative stage being pests and low prices in the market. Among the quality controls applied to its coffees, it is worth highlighting that after harvesting, when a manual selection is made once again, and after processing, in addition to controlling the fermentation during washing. Paul’s coffee dream is to continue improving and learning. Two years ago his Farm was not as prepared as it is today, The company’s intention was to increase production in quantity and quality.